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Tinkerbot LLC began business in September 2021. Owner Jeremy Iwanski had a love for robotics and enjoyed watching the show BattleBots on A&E with his children. While watching the show one evening, Jeremy's son asked if they can build a robot to fight. Doing a little research into the process, it became apparent that building a robot is costly and very time consuming. During his research, Jeremy uncovered the world of 3D printed Ant Weight robotics. 

Recreationally, fighting ant weights was entertaining, but finding available tournaments to compete in became difficult. This is how TinkerBot was created. TinkerBot is designed to bring Combat Robotics to the community with the hopes of providing fun and entertainment to the CSRA, all while promoting STEM education within the community. 

TinkerBot currently is conducting business in a mobile platform and is capable of bringing the fun and entertainment to you. Battle can be conducted in a tournament style area where a section of the floor drops out after 2 minutes of competition or you can test and develop your skills in the recreational arena where drivers get 5 minutes to completely destroy their opponent . All arenas are incased in 6 mm thick impact grade plexiglass for the users protection. There is no need to have any knowledge of robotics, 3D printing, or coding. We bring preprogramed and printed robots to you. You just have to bring the destruction. 

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